Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine Made in China
Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine Made in China

Model: Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine Made in China


This machine with electricity and steam to combination control, equipped with electronic automatic counter device is suitable for filling various domestic or imported capsule. It can automatically finish the action of location, separation, filling, locking etc for capsule. Reduce labor strength, improve production efficiency, accord with the requirement of medicine sanitary. It is an ideal equipment with smartness accuracy for dosage, novel structure, good looking, ease of operation, for filling capsule medicine in pharmaceutical industry.


1. Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is a new type of medicine filling machine with novel structure and attractive appearance.
2. Under both electrical and pneumatic control and equipped with and automatic electronic counter and computer-controlled speed-adjusting device, the machine can accomplish the positioning, separation and locking etc. of capsules.
3. In place of manual capsule-filling, it can reduce labor intensity and raise productivity. Its filling amounts are accurate and up to sanitary standards for pharmaceutics.
4. The machine consists of capsule-feeding, U-turning and separating mechanism, material medicine-filling mechanism, locking device, electronic speed varying and adjusting mechanism, electrical and pneumatic control system protection device as well as accessories such as vacuum pump and air pump.
5. China machine-made or the imported capsules are applicable to this machine, with which the finished product qualification rate can be above 97%.
Technical Specifications:
1. Productivity: Max:12,500 capsules/hour
2. Applicable capsules: 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3# ,4# machine-made standard capsules
3. Filled medicine type: Not adhesive or wet powders and small granules
4. Total power: 2.12Kw
5. Air pressure: 0.03m3/min, 0.7MPa
6. Vacuum pump: evacuating rate: 40 m3/h
7. External dimensions(m): 1.5*0.78*1.6 (L*W*H)
8. Weight: 330 Kg 

Machine Overview: 
Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine Made in China

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